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synchronized solar road stud

The synchronized solar road stud which is also called solar co-frequency road stud,reflers to the solar road studs installed separated but flash in the same frequency. The solar road stud is using GPS、bluetooth chip to achieve the solar road markes synchronization

Wistron solar road studs SD-RS-SP1、SD-RS-SG1、SD-RS-SG3,SD-RS-SG5,SD-RS-SA6 models all can be adjusted to the bluetooth synchronized road studs lights.

Working mode of bluetooth synchronized solar road stud

Our advantage and Why choose us

1.USA brand solar panel 22% high conversion rate, Fast charge rate
2.PC material is from Japan, more anti-UV,and bears more compress resistant
3.High bringhtness Amercia brand LED light with 100000 hours of working time
4.High temperature resistance battery.Working from -40°C to +80°C.Super capacitor solar road stud is available.
5.Good after-sale service


Body Material PC+ Aluminum ADC12
Power Supply USA brand high efficient Solar Panel 5V/60MA
Battery Lithum Battery(3.2V/500mah)
Lens PMMA(ASTM D4280&EN1463-1 standard)
LED Color Red、yellow、white、blue、green
Working Mode Synchronized flashing(2HZ)
Working Hours 60 hours after fully charged
Waterproof IP68
Bluetooth 1) communication frequency:2.4HZ

2) communication mode:Duplex

3) Receive Sensitivity:-92db

4) Communication distance:10M

5) Stand-by Power Consumption:2ma@3V

GPS advantage No distance limit
Resistance More than 30 tons(can be installed in the middle of road)


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